Thank you all for your patience with the water quality issues some of you have experienced this year. Extensive testing and analysis of the District’s water supply is ongoing and to reiterate, your water is safe to drink and conforms with all regulatory standards. We understand it can be unsettling to see water that looks, smells, or feels different from what you are used to, but this does not mean the water is unsafe to drink.

In response to ongoing water quality issues, the district halted its supply of chloramine treated surface water from the North Harris County Regional Water Authority (NHCRWA) on June 7, 2024, so that we could temporarily revert to chlorine disinfected groundwater. After further review of the District’s infrastructure and water supply options, beginning Tuesday, July 9, 2024, the water distribution system will be split into two sections, north and south. The northern section will continue to be supplied with chlorine disinfected groundwater from Water Plants 4 and 5. The southern section will be supplied with a mix of chloramine treated groundwater from Water Plant 1 and surface water from the NHCRWA via Water Plants 2 and 3. A map of the District showing the split between the northern and southern sections can be found below, followed by a listing of which subdivisions belong to which section.

Note that the southern section of the District may experience some increased water quality issues for a few days following the water supply and disinfection transition. If you experience any issues with water color or odor, please flush your water lines by running a faucet for two to three minutes. If the water does not clear up, please contact the District’s water operator, Municipal District Services at 281-290-6500 or visit, and they will investigate.

Northern Section

  • Hayden Lakes, Oakcrest, Wildwood at Northpointe, Wildwood at Oakcrest North, Willowcreek Ranch

Southern Section

  • Copper Ridge at Indian Trails, Enclave at Northpoint, Fairwood, Forest Creek Farms, Grant Meadows, Lakes at Northpointe, Lakewood Oaks, Meadows at Telge, Reserve at Cypress Creek, Rock Creek, Teeline, Telge Ranch, Telge Ranch North, Treeline North, Valencia Pines, Village Creek, Village of Indian Trails, Villages on Grant, Willow Wood Place