Due to drought related heavy irrigation usage during early morning hours, combined with the usual surge in water demand during that time, the voluntary water restrictions in NW Harris County MUD 5 are expected to continue through mid-September.

What you can do

  1. Do not activate your irrigation system or water your lawn between 4:00 AM and 8:00 AM
  2. Reduce the number of days you water your lawn
  3. Reduce the total time your irrigation system runs
  4. Follow the Defined Irrigation Schedule
  5. Fix running toilets
  6. Repair identified leaks as soon as possible
  7. Report leaks observed in the district to 281-290-6500 or http://www.mdswater.com/report-a-problem
  8. Sign up for Eye on Water to understand more about your water usage patterns (http://www.mdswater.com/smartmeter)
  9. Set up leak alerts on the Eye on Water platform (saves you money!)
  10. Visit www.mdswater.com/water-conservation for more water saving tips.

What the District is doing

  1. Building a fifth water plant along Telge Rd
  2. Working with HOAs and residents to reduce water usage at peak demand times
  3. Repairing reported and identified leaks as soon as possible
  4. Alerting the top 10% of water users in the district of their high usage
  5. Alerting customers with ongoing leaks so repairs can be made

On Water Trucks

We are aware of water trucks filling up at hydrants in the northern part of the district near the Hayden Lakes and Wildwood at Oakcrest North subdivisions. These trucks have rental meters provided by the district, monitoring their usage, and have been instructed to only fill up between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. If we believe these trucks are interfering with the district’s ability to refill its water storage tanks during the day, after morning peak demand, their usage will be stopped. Please note these trucks are not the reason for the current voluntary water restrictions and stopping them from filling up would not eliminate the need for water restrictions.